p.61, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography

Sat July 11, 1964: Tried to get Clyde to move so we could drive to Lambert's Bay,

where "Klipbok" arrived by 13:00 and left again taking Clyde at 15:00.
(right): Lamberts Bay revisited Jan.2004
I drove back to Capetown and took Mercia out for lobster at Voodoo, followed by Disney's "Savage Sam" at the Colosseum.

Sun July 12, 1964:In the morning, I took Abraham to Salt River, then did my accounts, records and phone calls.
That afternoon, Mercia and I visited Llandadno beach and took some marvelous 3D shots of the fascinating granite rocks (right: 2001 photo).

That evening, we went to the very crowded Capetown Airport to pick up George Erlanger, who would be taking over from Clyde Lister as geophysicist aboard Klipbok.
We took him to the Tulbach Hotel and stopped briefly at the Cafe du Theatre.
George and I were old shipmates, having crossed the Atlantic on WHOI's "CHAIN 13" expedition in 1960; only now (2004) that I write this, it occurs to me that Clyde himself was aboard, too!
At left, George with another interesting rock: "ROCKALL!"
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