p.60, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography

July 1/5,1964: More work on volume calculations and correcions. Also several staff meetings about next sampling cruise. More visitors to the "Rockeater."
Some quibbles between Sammy Collins and John Hoyt and myself about use of figures in abstract for scientific paper - not the type of publicity he craved. Discussions on statistics with Prof. Fuller and recommendation to Dave to give presentation at University.Farewell visit by Rosemarie Bradley from Windhoek and sisters, also on their way to Europe, which included dinner, dances, luncheon and the works. That more or less "cleared the deck" for Mercia c.s. (Petru and Rachel) with who I celebrated her birthday, July 4 and enjoyed dinner the next day at Cafe du Theatre along with Clyde Lister.
July 6 Mon through10 Fri, 1964: Entire week focused on trial evaluation - comparison of our lines 122, 119-125 and 148 with Collins' mining area thereabouts. Prepared large bundle for Dave to take to Joburg Tuesday afternoon, when I go to Rockeater and have dinner discussions with Clyde.
Wednesday: Holland report: successful completion of Horton visit, and (unrelated!) sister Carla (yes, related) is expecting first baby (!) and we fly to Joburg late that evening, where we have coffee and cheese with Dave, Larry, and two visitors from Petrofina, Amory and Saint and friend Ivanhoe from SIO.
On Thursday, an excellent slide presentation in the DeBeers Boardroom by Dave for Messrs Brown, McConnaghey, Daniels, de Kock, and General Mining manager. John and I answer questions about cone-factor. Excellent lunch, then quick ride to Owen Siddle and Sichel of Operations Research to discuss statistics of diamond evaluation. Finally, late flight back to Capetown and meeting with exhilarating Rinetta van Aken.

Then on Friday we took "Klipbok" to sea in perfect weather from noon to 15:00 and checked out navigation and safety with its fine giant of a captain, Pierre Leroux before he took her to Lamberts Bay overnight.
Geophysical Survey Vessel :KLIPBOK"
with Captain Pierre Leroux (center, facing aft) , Rolly Thompson (center, bending down) and George Erlanger (right)
Back home, I tried in vain to call Mercia, then visited Robin, bathed his nephews and together with Diana took him to board the "Rockeater".
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