p.59, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography

June 23/26,1964: Mainly office work and preparing graphs, charts, reports and abstracts, incl. about my "new" age of Haleakala lava flows. Visited with Professors Simpson and Day, whom I presented with benthic specimens from dredges and grabs for identification and reference collection. Some exciting letters from my parents in Holland and OSE Engineer Ed Horton and family, staying with them, and some from Rose's attorney in Honolulu requesting a minimum of $ 110 p.m. for support if she will forego any other claims. Dave tells me that Bascom had met with Ted Chamberlin in Hawaii who had told him about some of my Thai exploits; to make certain against possible bias, I told Dave the same tales. We also moved into the new office and lab space in the spacious new Sanlam Center on the ForeShore. Friday at 13:00 I got an angry call from my self-styled fiancee Denise, who said that she had tried to contact me for four days since her arrival on a cruiseship ("Windsor Castle?")from Durban bound for Europe. Thus, I am not surprised that this proved to be our last contact to-date. . . That evening, Clyde Lister and I attended one of Dave's parties, together with the Mardesiches, Mrs Taylor and Benatar.

June 27-30, 1964 Worked on sample volume calculations and discussions about the cone-factor with Mardesich. Borrowed Pete's car and took out Mercia for dinner. Attended the Indian Ocean Congress and listened to talks about the Agulhas Current by Prof. Simpson, Bathymetry by Captain Mallory, sediments by Prof.Fuller and, pleasant surprise - origin of ocean basins by my mentor, Robert Dietz.

I introduced him to Sammy Collins' chief geologist, "Hoffy", and, the next day, to Sammy Collins himself, where we spent an exciting hour listening to Sammy holding forth on his 500 carats/day operation, making 1.6 million Rand in the last half year, and telling Dietz
"he knew too much!"
After that, we proceeded to Rockeater where I was one of the hosts proudly showing her to the Congress participants.

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