p.58, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography, 1964

June 19, Friday: We finished the remaining 14 samples on several lines and I gave more instructions in lab-techniques and finished up recording data. Also called our colleague Vartsos, the MDC geologist aboard Barge 111 and secured permission for me to board the "Diamantkus". There I was taken around by Theo, who appropriately showed us their use of theodolites and tellurometers. It was extremely busy and noisy on board, and I was pleased to see them pick up several large diamonds and many small ones from their sorting table. I then boarded the crewboat and had the luck to be allowed to sleep in the mate's bunk while he was on duty. But first, we heard the dramatic tales of seasickness and misery suffered by the Anglo VIPs two days earlier . . .

Sat., June 20:
Up at 06:00, breakfast with skipper, moored in Luderitz 06:45,
and took off at 08:00 by MDC plane for Capetown , where we landed at 12:00.

Gowdy took me to office where we had a meeting with Dave, John Hoyt and Jack Mardesich about our relation with Alpine Geophysical. Drove to Athlone to deliver letter from our coloured geology assistant, Eric. Ate in lively coloured restaurant and then drove on a long search for Goodwood, where I picked up Mercia.

June 21: Having taken Mercia home in the early morning hours, I slept late on Sunday. I then took a tour of our new offices, located in the high-riseSanlam Building on the Foreshore, a welcome change from the old Boardroom on St. Georges'! Later that afternoon, I picked up Mercia for a brief scenic ride and dinner at the Caroussel.

Mon, June 22: Taught our coloured geo-assistants, who cautiously complained about inequal treatment from some our S.A. staff. Called Prof. Simpson. Continued discussions about construction of a new boat, charter of the "Klipbok" and use of Clyde Lister's "Lizard" for more detailed seismic records.

After dinner in the Hildebrand, John Hoyt, Dave Smith and I prepared an abstract for a paper on the underwater Orange River Delta. John was to be the senior author and presenter, but I was much impressed with Dave's writing. [Eventually, this became our joint paper entitled:
Offshore Sediments and Valleys of the Orange River"]

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