p.57, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography

June 14, Sunday:
More arguments with Robbin, who produces a list with such dainties as:

  • I do not allow
  • I do not accept
  • I do not agree
  • I do not intend
  • I do not feel like

    Nevertheless, we end up drinking sherry and smoking cigars.

    June 15: Commemorate birthdays of Lony Lameris and Uncle Piet in Holland - where Ed Horton and family should by now have taken up temporary residence with my parents! The coast looks alternately like a fairy tale or rather threatening. Good results on line 148.

    June 16: We collected some marine creatures and cruelly preserved them in formaldehyde for identification by biologists at the University of Capetown.
    (NOTE: have to look for list later)

    June 17: Rough seas with waves as high as 7 m! (22 ft)
    We were apprehensive about to-day's scheduled inspection visit by Anglo - and related VIPs and indeed, when the skipper of their crewboat came alongside, she rolled 55 degrees and no one dared jump in our "basket" to come aboard the Rockeater. . . Imagine the collective chagrin when Drs. Waters and Dave Smith and Messrs Brown and Harari had to sail back to Luderitz, then fly via Oranjemund to Capetown - where Dave Smith stayed behind - and finally on to their Johannesburg home base! We sieved all day and worked on minimizing contamination of samples.

    June 18: Although it was still rough, we completed 2 1/2 lines, 150, 152 and 148. Because of problems with radar, we contemplated using tellurometers - a South African invention.
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