p.56, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography

June 1, Mon: Returned rental car and paid measly R 24. Visited the Durban Aquarium (Dr Davis?) and saw sharks as well as Bascom's "A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea" about the Mohole Project. Flew back to Capetown where I arrived at 14:00 for brief visit to office and caught up on correspondence.
June 2: Late dinner with Ed followed by extended talks with Helen, lovely blonde receptionist at Tulbach's who is to get married to a Canadian next month but seems unconvinced.
June 3: Took Ed to Rockeater where crane operator broke 2 pipes. Then to police who asked if Rose was colored . . .since she lived in Hawaii. Dave was off and that afternoon, the geo-lab arrived, looking a bit like a railroad car or gypsy waggon. Dinner with Ed Horton and Clyde Lister, followed by movies about Tartars and Vikings.
June 4 through 8: Telephone call to Prof. Simpson. Summons from Rose's attorney, responded and invited Rose once more to come to South Africa.
Preliminary evaluation yielded a grade of 9 to 11 Rand/m2 . Spent most of weekend in office and with Helen but she drank too much, starting with beer before breakfast. Sunday evening Pete van Zyl and I went to visit Mercia but she was not home so we talked a while with her parents. Because of delays in Rockeater's departure, which had been scheduled for Monday, I managed that day to hire some more colored assistants, get to see Professor Fuller, have dinner with Clyde Lister and say goodbye to Mercia.
Tuesday, June 9: Rockeater finally sailed at noon but had to return at 15:00 to replace the radar mast; Robin and I did some more shopping and had a good dinner before returning aboard and sailing on her third official cruise shortly before midnight.
June 10: Beautiful weather while sailing north. We painted the geology lab which had been secured on starboard near the forecastle.
June 11: Arrived near Port Nolloth where we dropped off Piet van Zyl to join the shoreparty. Taught Robbin navigation and worked on geo-lab. and statistics. That evening we passed Cape Durnberg and drank a sherry.
June 12: Bad weather allowed us to take seven samples only. More navigation and sherry with Robbin, problems with harbormaster and radar.

BLO fecit 20040519
June 13: Sea still rough. We worked in the Plum Pudding area on line 140 but had problems with clogging screens. That afternoon, we moved closer inshore on line 150, but had to stop work at 17:00 because of high waves. Some arguments with Robbin.

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