p.54, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography

May 19, Tue:
Nice sunny day, with "Rockeater" sampling close to Marine Diamond Corporation's "Diamantkus" (below). Because of these auspicious trends, we retrieved at least 16 diamonds! Later on, it gets foggy, and we direct Blackwell by radio to set up new beacons. Sampled till 20:30, and still busy with anchors at 21:00. Also received mail to-day, including letter from Denise and the very welcome "TIME' magazine.

Marine Diamond Corporation
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May 20: Another good day with almost a dozen diamonds on line 122 . Ed Horton returns that evening in an excellent mood because of successful meeting in Joburg with Bascom, Smith and Brown.
When the radio broke down, and only produced clicks, we used Morse code to communicate with the shore party. Thanks, Boy Scouts and Dutch Navy on my behalf and the S.A. equivalents on their's!
May 21: Rough seas again. Celebrated my Mother's birthday. Completed offshore lines without retrieving any diamonds. Lots of breakdowns and Ed complained that we should handle anchors faster, while in fact the drilling crew caused the bottleneck in speed (rather, slowness) of operations. Other activities: "James Bond" movie, sieving and chess.
Desmond O'Shea and Willie van der Merwe inspecting bedrock cuttings.

May 22, Fri: Completed first anchor setup by 07:30, but because of installation of jets, only started drilling at 11:00. More breakdowns while we completed seaward ends of two lines, and also Line 126, where we remained anchored awaiting crewboat. This one only arrived by 23:00 and because of rough seas, bumped into the "Collinseas", where no accommodations are available so that I slept on 4 chairs.
May 23, Sat: Moored in Luderitz by 09:00 and flew out at 10:00. I sat in the rear to take picts. Landed in Capetown at 12:30, where I took taxi with three coloreds, probably illegally. Met John Hoyt and George Kennedy at office and unloaded gear and records. Slept a bit at home before evening date with Mercia and Rachel.

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