p.52, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography

Sun, May 3 : A nice day with good meals, shore-walks along lagoons, jellyfish, snails with swimfeet and probosci, forests and hills with monkeys, but poor Rita was too involved and now wanted to go back to Capetown with me rather than go on by herself to Durban, as the coin had decided . . .

Map of eastern part of Garden Route
credit C.J. Willers

Mon, May 4: Rita was in a strange mood and we got into a rather serious quarrel about her use of the word "WOG." Perhaps this was a good way to break the tension, so I apologized and thanked her parents and they push-started me out of their lives. It was a fine day and trip, except that I had to push after each stop, so it was 17:00 when I got back to the office and returned the car to Fleming. End of long weekend and two affairs?

Tue, May 5: Willie and I went to unload "Rockeater" and visited Reid's. 12:30 to airport to pick up Bill Bascom, Larry Brundred and Erik Stephansen. Rain, lunched at airport. Erik can secure job for Rita at R 110 p.m. Evening drinks with Erik and Harvey's; sadly, their dog died.

Wed, May 6: Discussed sampling plan with Dave and John and figured on 6 sample sites a day, for a total of 75 days out of 120 available: perhaps another 40 sites further offshore? Met at Rockeater with Bill, Dave and Larry, who are not much into high-brow statistics for evaluation. Talked about Ted Chamberlain - Thailand, Japan, SIO, UH, HIG - as possible recruit. At 20:30 - on way to my room- I ran into Pete van Zyl with two girls: his girlfriend Mercia, and her friend Rachel: we took them for a drink at the White House Hotel where our hospita worked as receptionist.

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