p.51, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography

May 1, Friday: Long talk with Dave, then visit to Marine Diamond Corporation's Chief Geologist, Hoffman and Geologist Robin. Received some of their ADK data.

Then rushed to airport to collect a very chique Denise Cristie, and also picked up Erik's Hi-Lo progress report from Dave Linneker, in transit to Durban. Took Denise to her hotel and then for lunch at Voodoo's and up the mountain. A short visit to the office was spoiled by Dave's insistence that I get back to work on Monday (to protect me ??)

We took dinner around the corner from Tulbachs, saw a cute Doris Day movie and ended with drinks at the Tulbachs. She now got serious and worried about her imminent trip to Europe: she wanted us to get engaged and buy a ring to-morrow, at her own expense. I tried to dissuade her, but got the impression that she had made up her mind and wanted a ring for "protection" from shipboard romances and those seductive Europeans and British gents. Followed another drive in my rented car and parking at some lookout where preciously little occurred of what c/should have transpired between two members of a freshly engaged couple. Instead, we ended up in our separate beds by 25:00.

Saturday, May 2: I got up early to do some work at the office, and went to pick up Denise at her hotel at 09:00. She was not in her room and had gone for a (solitary, I assume) breakfast. She persisted and took me to select a ring, after which she sent me to the office so she could take care of the payment. I did feel a bit like a cad but after arranging that Harvey take over the pipe-line affair, I picked her up at the hotel and raced to the airport: she was to fly to Durban, where she would board her vessel with as first stop the beautiful harbor of . . . Capetown - where she'd expect to see her fiancee.
We got lost so I picked up a police-man to guide us to the airport where we arrived barely in time. I then took him to his home listening all-the-way to his women-problems. As if . . . Got home late in the afternoon and picked up Rita for our promised trip along the Garden Route to visit her parents. Enjoyed the scenery and after a 100 km involuntary sidetrip through stark mountains to Koo (near Montagu) and dinner in a cosy hotel in Mosselbaai, then pushing the non-starting borrowed VW, we finally made it to her parents and sister Shirley at midnight.

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