p.50, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography

April 28, Tuesday: We got up at 05:00 but the "Collinsea" only picked us up at 09:00; in the meantime, I plotted out positions and "pocketed" the few stones we had retrieved the day before, for which I had been awarded a licence to carry uncut stones.(IDB, or Illegal Diamond Buying, was a deadly sin in South Africa!)
"Rockeater" and crew sailed for Capetown, the geologists sailed on the "Collinsea" , and this day she seemed like a cruise vessel because of the fine weather, relatively calm sea and thousands of seals we got to see before we entered Luderitz at 19:00.
After chicken and beer and the heartening news that there was no accommodation available, we went to CDM to sleep from 23:00 till
April 29: 05:30 (Cyril's snoring reduced my sleeping time) - when we went back to Luderitz to pick up the next mining barge return crew and flew at 08:00 to Capetown across some fine fields of barchans below.

1964: The "Collinsea" - one of Sammy Collins' fleet of supply vessels. In those years, it took many hours of sailing to get on and off the mining barges

some forty years later: still using small boats, but now note the helicopter pad aboard DeBeer''s Marine's "Grand Banks" Mining Vessel

I got to the office in Capetown right at noon, had lunch with Harvey who told me Rita was to move to Durban. He took me around for some errands and after some drinks with him and his cousin I met Rita for dinner when she told me about the good job-offer she had received, but . . . she had not made up her mind yet. We decided to flip a coin three times and heads (=Durban) won.
April 30: Some work at the office, but Dave allowed me a few days off to drive the Garden Route and visit Rita's parents. I also went to Immigration and got a working permit. So what had I been doing up to then? Went to Yule Brynner's "The King and I", a bit of a joke for one who lived in Thailand for three years . . .and that was the end of the month of April!

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