OCEAN SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING p.47, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography

Because the navigation beacons worked poorly, Petru van Zyl and Cyril Gradwell used theodolites (transits) from beacon-benchmarks ashore every 15 minutes for 3 days, transmitting their readings to the bridge so we could plot drill-holes accurately.

Two drill crew members
adding a 30 foot pipe
Willie and I made one dive to determine the sediment type and drill cone configuration. Willie and Des monitored and sampled the sediment flow, while I did most of the navigation and plotting -and in between played chess with Jerry and Captain Cook.

showing Rockeater anchored
near-shore in Chamais Bay:
  • part of derrick: right bottom front
  • pipe from drill to processing
    plant on forecastle: right top
  • articulated crane to handle
    drill pipes: bottom left f'd of boat

  • sampling line 116 1/2
    [line numbers represent distances
    in kilometers from Orange River Mouth
    (to the right on chart segment below)]

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