OCEAN SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING p.45, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography

Mon, April 6, through Sat, April 11, 1964 : Busy week in office, where Rita helped and even made overtime typing stencils. On Tuesday, I had lunch with Anglo's Louis Murray, a smart bloke with whom I got along fine. Wednesday night I took her to Tom Jones in 'Voodoo'. Read proposals re oil exploration off S.A. coast and Terra Marina. Dave was in Jo'burg most of the time, John on the "Xhosa Coast", so I was in charge. Ordered some statistics texts and articles for evaluation. Rockeater problems kept causing more delays. Worked all day Saturday and ended week with solitary dinner in Mexican restaurant after a sunset walk.

Worked in the office for one hour, then took Rita up Table Mountain and Devil's Peak. Sunday, April 12, 1964

Glorious view. Afterwards, I made us a steak and avocado dinner at home (Mrs.van Zyl's)

April 13, Mon: Worked on Rockeater to-day, which appeared to be even readier than just ready. Dave back from Jo'burg, took him home after work, then had a good steak dinner by myself at the Wooden Shoe in Seapoint ("the oldest steakhouse in Capetown") That evening we had the first pre-sailing crew meeting, dealing a.o. with airdrops. Back home, I packed my bag.

April 14, Tue: Spent all day with lawyer dealing with divorce matters, which made me feel miserable. Also to Immigration for photograph, medical tests and X-rays. That evening, dinner at Harvey's and beach walk with his sister Diane.

April 15, Wed: Hectic day. Hired room mate Pete van Zyl as assistant surveyor. Rita had dinner with us at Mrs.van Zyl's (no relation, just "hospita")

April 16, Thur: Arrived at Rockeater at 07:00, together with Piet van Zyl. We had to wait all day, till they had removed the Harbormaster using a crane. (Haha, that is a giant outboard motor, not the boss of the Harbor). After some minor altercations between Ed Horton and Dave Smith, we finally did depart on our first cruise at 20:00 and performed some beacon tests on our way up along the coast.

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