OCEAN SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING p.44, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography

April 1, 1964, Wednesday: With the end of Easter celebrations, the office was humming with activities. Tried in vain to telephone Chris, but did find out that the Mullens had moved out of the apartment. Lunch with Robinson of Reid's re Rockeater and photography. 17:30 at "our" new apartment, where Chris is busy moving in with (the help of) Freddie the Fisherman.
I left to take Rita for dinner, where we run into Kathy Burgess and Nick. Next, I had a fine discussion with Prof. Fuller from 19:30 to 22:30. By that time I was dead-tired, picked up some of my own stuff and went to the new apartment. Quarrel with Chris re her Lombroso type who had talked her into selling the VW and buying a new Ford as well as a revolver....had a quick hamburger, but she couldn't eat because of tootache. De-quarreled a bit.

April 2: Up late, gave Chris some money to fix up apartment. Rainy day, busy in the office with microscope, desks and orders and Rockeater schedule for Luderitz cruise. Afternoon to Rockeater to discuss security measures. Back late and interviewed a draftsman. Then I picked up more stuff and moved it to new apartment, where to my disappointment and dismay I found no Chris . . . Called Rita and went out for dinner in a fine French restaurant, followed by a walk.
At 21:30 back to new apartment, still no Chris but started to see handwriting on wall.

April 3: Demo of new microscope. Worked on Northern Area report and orders. McKinley had taken some excellent photographs of sections of Sparker records.
Again, dinner with "default" (not a term known to me then) Rita. Finally, finding a rather obscene mess in the new apartment and hearing some stories from Chris about having slept outdoors yesterday, I left her there without further comments and rather relieved.

Sat April 4 : Prepared maps for photo - reproduction. Visit by Nick Clark. Lunch with Robin and Rita, who helps typing that afternoon.
Evening drinks and grill with Alpine Geophysical's Tatum (right) in Tulbach Hotel.
Sunday , April 5 , we made a nice 200 km drive to the spectacular Bains Kloof - after clearing car-use with Ed and Dave.
We got back after dark and I wrote some letters and played my tapes.
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