page 43 - March, 1964, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography

March 28 through 31, incl EASTER:

Worked in office on Saturday morning and got compliment from Dave about logistics and organization, what with calls from Hoyt aboard "Xhosa Coast",
Mr. Brown from Anglo, TV camera, drill tests, etc.
That afternoon, Rolly and I went on an emergency dive, because Rockeater had lost her drill-head - during demo for Messrs. Brown and Rothchild! nonetheless . . .
To our chagrin, we could not find it at 65 ft depth, rockbottom, 2 buoys, so we arranged other attempt for Sunday.
Fleming took me in his V.W. to Dave's engineers party, where word was that Rockeater crew was rebellious about working on holidays...

Early Sunday Fleming and I boarded the "Norseman" and waited patiently while being served breakfast for the rather late arrival of a large diving crew:

Weather - and sea-conditions were excellent. On the second dive, Rolly and Johnny had the honor to locate the drill-head, to our great joy! Another team went down to attach more buoys, and after lunch we put back in and I raced to the airport to collect Rita.
I had hardly put the poor sick girl up in the hotel when there was a knock on the door: Ed, Pete and Erik about the car.... We arranged to meet for dinner above the Tulbach, and after that, I had hardly taken Rita to the hotel room when Chris showed up to visit . . .to someone else's chagrin.

On Monday, Willie and I made another dive in the morning, but no drill head rescue operation could be mounted on Easter...so I first visited Chris, who now wanted to "cohabitate" again per April 1, and then Rita who I took for a drive to Cape Point, where we did not see a single 'bobbejaan" , but enjoyed dinner in Suikerbossie.

On Tuesday, Second Easter day and last day of the long month, I was busy in the office, but took some time off to install Rita in her new residence with a Belgian couple. We dined in the Caroussel, and I called the Mullen's about the apartment Chris and I were to move in to-morrow (April Fool's Day!)

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