page 42 - March, 1964, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

March 22, Sunday:

Wrote letter to Doak Cox in Hawaii to thank him for comments about my M.S. draft and to explain my "gross" and "growth" terms.
Also did my accounts and

packed a box to send to Rose
with a Greek bell for her,
a Bavarian Mecki Hedgehog
Doll for our son Danny
and her 3x5-card diary
(which showed we first met
on March 10, 1963 . . .)

I then settled down and read some "Passages of Arabia deserta".
15:00 to airport where Rita's incoming flight had been delayed first, then postponed because of a storm. After a long wait and coffee, I roamed around in search of Robin's, where I arrived around 17:30, made several calls and had dinner with Diana and her kids.
Later that evening I visited Chris, who had a boisterous fisherman for company, so I left them and got back home before midnight.

March 23 through 25:
Rita's visit was postponed till next week, and fisherman Freddy played interference.
I prepared a draft "cookbook" for sampling operations aboard "Rockeater" and had a long and fruitful discussion with Prof. Fuller while Dave made numerous phone-calls.

March 26:
Trial run for "Rockeater": everything went wrong: Caterpillar, Generator, Harbourmaster, but we had a good lunch and put back in port by 15:00.
Willie van der Merwe and I drove to the "Windsor Castle" to say goodbye to
Kay Wright and her sweet red-head baby born posthumously after Joe's drowning.
We were all sad but promised to keep in touch.
(NOTE: Sorry to say this did not happen, and my questioning of Anglo people in Jan.2004 also bore no fruit)
In the evening, I baby-sat Gigi and little Erik Stephansen so Erik Sr and Rosemary could visit with Dave and his wife.

March 27, GOOD FRIDAY:

Another Rockeater trial was marginally more successful.
Afterwards, the Stephansens and I were invited for dinner at Captain Cook's.

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