page 41 - March, 1964, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography

March 19, Thur: Up early and tired. Talk with Dave about Rockeater geo-lab-to-be. Then to police for driving license: hurrah, my US license still good for one year! Des O'Shea and I went to Rockeater where we encounter some more resistance about Geo-lab. Nesbitt still busy with isotopes. Lunch with Chris, telephone from Mullen that we can have flat per April 1. Telegram from Rita who asked me to reserve two nights as of Sunday afternoon. Complications? After dinner, Chris donned slacks and frilly shirt and we went to the "bioskoop" to see
"The Man of Havana".

March 20: Worked with Des on his draft thesis including Northern Concession geology. I also read the U.N. 1958 Geneva Convention, which features an interesting definition of the term: "Continental Shelf", which extends to 200 m depth "or depth that can be mined . . . I immediately wrote to Willard Bascom (with copy to Dave Smith) recommending that OSE quietly obtain mining concessions, especially from mid-oceanic island nations favored by the "median line" concept.
[NOTE as follow up: Bill later told me that at one time OSE and associates held the World's largest offshore mining concessions!]
After dinner Chris and I take bus to Mullen's and offer to help him moving. We then walked along the beach to Caroussel and quarreled, so I anticipate more problems.

March 21, first day of Spring! (2004 NOTE to correct: since 1964 was a LEAP YEAR, the first day of Spring was on the 20th! Took me 40 years or 10 cycles of leap years to realize that - even though I am aware that leap years won't occur in 2100, 2200 and 2300!) Early to office, at noon off to Rockeater where I asked for Kombi but was given the Taunus with instructions to contact Hoyt and Blackwell re arrangements. Did go to Chris who complained about my lack of party-spirit.

BLO fecit 20040401
Took her to Llandadno with its fascinating granite rocks. Then off to Cape Point with a stop in Fishhoek for icecream, back home at 21:30.
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