page 12 - November, 1963, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography

November 16, Saturday: Morning office, bookkeeping and correspondence. After lunch, Francois beats me at squash.
14:00 picked up by mustachioed Dave, pick up two more hirsute gents as well as lovely Peggy, a hairdresser.
We went sailing in home-made boats on a man-made seawater lake, rather tranquil and full of masts.
We also visited the Clubhouse under construction on nearby beach.
17:00 back for dinner and beers plus movie: "Spencer Mountain". Read 4 books I got for my 1 Rand membership in local library.

November 17, Sunday:
Early start for faraway Affenrucken
with Francois, MacKinly and gang.
There, we donned diving suits and
braved the cold waters to catch
dozens of lobsters.

They were easily accessible in crevasses
under a ledge, and the only trouble was
that we got cold and dizzy.

We cooked them on the spot and
enjoyed them with home baked bread
and ginger. We took a dozen back to
Oranjemund at 14:00 for friends to share.

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