page 11 - November, 1963, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography

November 15, Friday: In the morning, we picked up the surfmachine from the beach, completed our progress report and made more cost calculations for the AM9 chemical grout. We also brainstormed, about rubber caissons and extension caissons.
After lunch, Charles Stocken took us to the airport for a flight with Jack Campbell along the coast of the "Northern Concession" or Sperrgebiet as far north as Luderitz.

The surf was rough, but we did not see too many outcrops. Bogenfels (Arch-rock) was fascinating, and we saw numerous seals and penguins and lots of kelp.
Luderitz (below) was larger than I thought, and there were many fishing boats. We landed here and picked up a very late McKinley, "our" photographer, to whom I now had to yield the co-pilot's seat. On the way back, he filmed "our" "Xhosa Coast" as well as one of Collins' barges. We landed at 17:00.

That evening was rather "social", visiting one club till 18:00, another till 19:00 with Fry and Sullivan as hosts. Much beer was terminated. We were also invited to a "braaivleis"/dance , after playing a game of squash. There were numerous nurses, teachers, and, later, also geologists. Francois and I vied for the favors of last year's "Diamond Queen".
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