p.105, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography, 1965

NOTE: with apologies for the wide time gap
in completing this autobiography:
my last (= previous) page, page 104,
was completed on 20081023, or October 23, 2008.
TO_DAY is Mercia's 67th birthday and also
peccavi, shame on me ;o(

Sat, March 06:
I got to the office rather late this day, but made up for it
by quarreling with Wyn Davies about the ADK report and
with David Smith about some R 100 owed to Mrs Keen (?)
I left for the weekend at 13:30 and took some flowers
and grapes home for Mercia.
A letter from Rose, my ex, threatened some discord at first
but the afternoon was fairly peaceful with guitar, TIME and
NATURE, and some dinner before I had to leave again
at 19:00 to a meeting of the Atlantic Underwater Club
at the home of Mr Wormer, the manager of African Oxygen
and his Belgian wife. I was introduced to the leader of
the diving school, a 32 year old bachelor Lt Col. Viljoen
with whom I chatted about black coral diving.
I later danced with a 40 year old Greek lady who had a daughter
of 18 and told me that a woman should stay at home.
I left at 22:00 and found Mercia not only home but asleep.

Sun, March 07:
We got up late. I did some financial chores, replied to
my parents' letter and sent Rose congrats for son Danny's
first birthday.
We walked a bit, went to dinner at the Doll's House and
took coffee at home , then went to bed rather early.

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