p.104, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography, 1965

Fri, March 05:
After a poor breakfast, we met with Dave for preparatory talks.
At 11:00, we had the Boardroom Meeting attended by Drs. Waters and Louis Murray
of Anglo American, as well as Messrs.West, George Brown, Nesbitt and Roy Joint,
and our OSE crew consisting of Dr. David Smith, Captain Cook, Jack Mardesich,
Erik Stephansen and Ben Oostdam ipse.
The critique was rather mild, but we were told that they wanted to delay development
of the beach exploitation - much to Erik's chagrin.

NOTE ADDED IN 2008: to my great regret, the only photographs of the above participants
available now are those below: if anyone can provide more, kindly Email me at boostdam@hotmail.com)

Dr.David Smith

Erik Stephansen

Jack Mardesich and Ben Oostdam

Captain Cook

Mr. George Brown

After the meeting, Mr. George Brown kindly invited our OSE crew for lunch(eon).
We flew out of Jo'burg at 16:30 on a plane full of Mobil personnel.
I read and had a drink till we landed at Kimberley.
There we had a three hour delay and were served some snacks.
On the homelap, I had a chat with a director of IMC
and passed on a warning about Hydrofix problems.
We only landed at Capetown at 01:00 and it took two more hours of getting lost
to collect Mercia and Soepie the Malthese Poodle from her parents in Goodwood
and to get home..

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