p.103, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography, 1965

Mon, March 01:
Prepared the Washington letter and various program(me)s. Worked on finances and ADK details. Had drinks with Ernie Miller, Mercia, Wyn and Angela Davies, on the 22nd floor of the Sanlam Building. After a brief and vain attempt to reach "Rockeater" from the radio room, we went on to Cafe Royal and had some wine. A sudden irreversible walkout was implemented by Mercia when I was tactless enough to say that Angela resembled Rose (my first wife...)

Tue, March 02:
Dave got sudden apprehensions about the ADK report. I talked with George Erlanger about the Hydrofix and took him home with me. Mercia was still mad and worked in the yard till we went for dinner to the Dutch restaurant, where we had an excellent beefsteak but a gruesome herring. We unloaded Mercia at Wyn's and went on working on the ADK and TIDAL reports till 02:00 the next morning. We omitted all alternative evaluation methods and only used carats per cubic meter (metre). We were exhausted and found out that Wyn had dropped Mercia off at home around midnight; we again had a lot of problems trying to get Jack Mardesich on the radio aboard the "Rockeater"...

Wed, March 03:
I started work at 09:00 only. It was nice and quiet without Director David Smith. I spent some time on studying the Namib desert and beach sands we had collected, then had lunch with the colored geologist assistants, Eric, Tony and Ernie and went home and straight to bed rather early. Moreover because I did not have any money to take Mercia out, anyhow ...

Thur, March 04:
At 10:30, after their angry arrival from CDM Oranjemund, we debriefed Erik and Jack about their progress on the Beach Project and "Rockeater" Sampling Program, respectively.
I went home at 15:30 and "geselsed" with Mercia and her parents who had come to pick her up since I had to go with Erik, first to have drinks with Rosemarie, then to get to the airport by 18:00 and fly to Jo'burg. On the way, I read one of Graham Greene's book dealing with South Africa. We stayed at the Cranbrooke Hotel and had drinks with Captain Cook and a loud jewish gentleman who was holding forth to a German 'infiltrant' who said he wanted to learn to speak Afrikaans. Later, I read in bed till my eyes were too sore, way after midnight. Strangely, we did not seem to have had any serious "business" talk in preparation for to-morrow's meetings.

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