p.101, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography, 1965

Fri, Feb.19: Worked on ADK evaluation the entire bl....day, with only a brief interruption in the evening, when I took Mercia to the drive-in - unfortunately we were turned back: full house (or full lot?) - so back to ADK for me and ??? - for M (note: it could not have been TV 'cause that was duely outlawed in SA at that time!)

Sat., Feb.20: We spent all morning having a Geologist Meeting with Dave to discuss and rip apart the ADK Report - Jack Mardesich, our engineer, was very disgruntled because of his exvolvement. I got mad with Wyn for not having looked at the ADK samples yet. At 14:30 our friend Des O'Shea was to get married, but to my chagrin I could not attend (I met Des again in 2004 and found out that his wife did not want him to use the Internet or E-mail ...) Instead, I went home for a quick bite at 15:00, then went to bed and read. Later that evening, Erik and Rosemarie, Wyn and Angela and Mercia and I went for dinner and ate raw meat (Tartare) and had too many drinks, so I was glad to hit the sack once more at 23:00, having veritable nightmares about ADK.
Sun., Feb.21: I got up very early to continue correcting the ADK report. Tried in vain to telephone Dave. Mercia complained about US habit to work weekends, anathema to Afrikaanders. Thus I took her to the Strand, picking up Wyn and Ange on the way. Once at the almost deserted beach, I enjoyed snorkling along the nearshore rocks and reefs, finding red sea anemones, numerous echinoderms, colorful worms, a chiton, lobsters, an octopus and a beautiful (gorgeous) blonde. (presumably Angela or Mercia?)

I taught Wyn to snorkle and he was very excited about it. We left around 15:00 and I went to bed to read till about 17:00. when I got back to the ADK report, and quarreled wirth mercia about a nasty phonecall I received from Dave and Jack. At 20:00.we attended a concert in City Hall, where it was pretty hot. One soprano reminded me of my CA girlfriend Barbara. There were several Russian songs on the program(me) including Borodin's "Stranger in Paradise" which always reminds me of the River Kwai. M was very tired, and there's a note that I lost a certificate which blew away...
Mon., Feb.22 and Tue., Feb.23: Finally completed the ADK report which had become a true drag. I prepared the Washington Letter and included Lizard geophysical records for their edification. We had Gigi for dinner and took her to the library to select books about the Phoenicians and Crusades. Also conducted the "Rockeater" and "Klipbok" pre-cruise meeting and apologized to Captain Harris. Inspected anr readied SCUBA diving gear and sampling devices. Briefed Dave Smith.

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