At the time I first met Louis, he was the assistant to Anglo American's Chief Geologist, Dr. Waters. Once he invited Charles Stocken, the Chief Geologist of CDM, and me for a beer in a bar in Luderitz. To our surprise, it came out that all three of us were graduates of the Geology Department of McGill University, Montreal ! Another beer, please.
We had some lively discussions and exchanges of memoes around the time of the diamond evaluation stage, early 1965.
After I left South Africa, he kindly consented that I accept an invitation to present a paper at the Canadian Mining and Groundwater Geophysics Centennial.
In the early 1970's, he co-authored several papers on offshore diamond mining.
He went on to become Anglo's Chief Geologist and became instrumental in reversing De Beer's decision to give up on marine diamond mining. Because of his discovery of deep diamond mining, one of their diamond mining vessels was named after him.

The only links I could find to his name on the WWW in April, 2004, were:

  • about a lodge near the summit of the highest mountain in South America, Chili's 22,590 ft high dormant volcano "Ojos del Salado". This lodge was donated by Anglo American and opened in November, 1985, commemorating Louis and another Anglo employee killed nearby in a helicopter crash on an exploration flight in April, 1984. The lodge subsequently burned down.

  • several instances of "Louis Murray Memorial Lectures" arranged under the auspices of the GSSA (Geological Society of South Africa).

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