A Dozen Years Ago: sixth page

It so happened that over this Christmas break we also had to move from our Harrisburg Pike house (sold to the Township so they could widen the road at the intersection) to our Slackwater house and garage.
That Spring, I used most of my spare time to build an apartment on the top floor of the garage and to work on the landscaping of this site - which, incidentally - covered some 1800 truckloads of debris of Millersville's Old Main Building (link here).

Jeremy Adams helped me put up dry wall and ceilings – like holding a 6x4 board up with one hand while picking up a hammer from the floor with the other.
In addition I was helped along by Bob Brobst and by Heather Bittner, who also had wanted to come along on the CCC course but could not.
I did not fulminate too much in the ES meetings, except for pointing out the inequities described above, but it nevertheless lead Russ to resign the ES chairmanship in favor of Charles Scharnberger, who served three terms as Chair, until 2002.
In retrospect, my tribulations did not lead to my previously planned retirement at the age of 60; instead, I stayed on to the age of 65 and enjoyed the Brossman Oceanography lab.
Relations with Dean and Administration in general remained stressed and strained and there were more problems when I set up two websites in 1995 (link here).
While I missed out on a 3 week full-time salary, had a summer course canceled and had to pay $ 1,500 for the GPS, the rentals on the apartment I installed in spring, 1991, amply recompensed me in the long run, so that I may have reason to be grateful to Dean Hoffman, after all, and not begrudge him his new post-retirement (double dipping??) job for SSHE in Harrisburg: after all, he not only had the Brossman experience to qualify him, but also that of the new (Roddy ? now Caputo!) science center which followed a little too late.

Done this Fourth of July, 2003
Ben Oostdam

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