A Dozen Years Ago:

Today it is not only July 4, 2003, Independence Day, but also Mercia's birthday. Since I am almost 12 years older than she is, I am more historically or nostalgically inclined and pondered in the early morning what I had been doing when I was her age. So the time is around 1991. And it is interesting to note that I just heard a few days ago (July, 2003) that Al Hoffman, who was then our Dean of Science and who since retired, now is back at work for SSHE in Harrisburg building a new University of Science and Technology or something of that ilk.

Early in 1990, I had opposed Al's idea to ask for a concrete slab with a large classroom and a dozen faculty offices. Science needed the extra space badly, but every time a request or proposal had been submitted, every one tagged on to it as Congressmen on Appropriation Bills, with the result that the entire package was vetoed and returned. The most powerful politician on campus at that time was Gray Sellers, V.P. of Finance and Administration.

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