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summer 1961

Japanyon lasted from July 7 to 27. Much of that time, I spent working closely with Fran and Elizabeth Shepard, then in their sixties. He and I would shoot horizontal sextant angles every minute while surveying canyon bathymetry, and we called the results to Elizabeth who recorded them in the shipboard lab below. (read story)
Francis and Elizabeth Shepard
aboard the R.V. "Baird", July 7, 1961

Monitoring Water Front
of Tokyo Bay by Optical Sensor

Maps and Charts of Japan
virtual R.V. "UN Seahorse"
Oceans around Japan
Japan's total coastline=34,390 km
BLO fecit 20021001 corr.20021012
I also made a memorable SCUBA dive in the Sagami Submarine Canyon, where the current gently swept me backward into an invisible nylon fishing net, quite a scare!
Furthermore, I spent several days as exchange fellow on board the R.V. "Umitaka Maru"