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summer 1961

Fran Shepard invited us on his "JAPANYON" expedition, to survey Japanese submarine canyons. Half of us were to sail to Japan (May 27-July 1), do the survey (July 7-27), and fly back, the other half to fly there, do the job and sail back (Aug 1-Sep 18). Ron Gibbs, my travel companyon, and I flew MATS and enjoyed three weeks of sightseeing in Japan before joining the R.V. "Baird" in Tokyo. Below are some photographs of our train trip to Kyoto, where we stayed about a week in a ryokan (Japanese Inn) :
Japan-196108a.jpg Japan-196108b.jpg
some serious rains
Japan-196108c.jpg we passed close to the shore at several points Japan-196108e.jpg Japan-196108f.jpg Japan-196108g.jpg
Japan-196108h.jpg Japan-196108i.jpg Japan-196108j.jpg
(right):gravity platform (read story )
Japan-196108Kyoto.jpg Japan-196108Kyoto2.jpg Japan-196108Kyoto3.jpg
Ron and I had to pose scores of times (story )
Japan-196108Kyoto5.jpg Japan-196108Kyoto6RonGibbsnun.jpg Japan-196108Kyotoruykan.jpg
Ron with hostesses at our Ryokan
Japan-196108l.jpg Japan-196108m.jpg Japan-196108n.jpg Japan-196108o.jpg
Japan-196108p.jpg Japan-196108q.jpg Japan-196108r.jpg Japan-196108s.jpg Japan-196108t.jpg Japan-196108u.jpg Japl.jpg
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