Christopher Alden Thorne
B.P. 1590
Kigali, Rwanda

Contact Numbers:
(Mobile) 250 08 503 032

Private Sector Development Experience

Privatization Program, Ministry for Finance and Economic Development, Republic of Rwanda

As Director, Gone Fishin’ S.A.R.L., Rwanda 08/96 – Present
        -Supervised a Research and Development team of 5 persons in:
                -Assessing the status of Rwanda’s fisheries sector in conjunction with a country wide search for an appropriate site for the establishment of a commercially viable fish farm and hatchery.
   -Developing a comprehensive business plan for the rehabilitative transformation of the badly damaged former, 53.85 hectare, 124 pond, National Aquaculture Center at Kigembe, Rwanda and its’ management as a commercial activity under a 15 year lease agreement with Government.

As Director, Kigembe Fish Farm, Rwanda (05/99 – 02/03):
-        Directed the activities of as many as 175 senior staff, agricultural workers and skilled artisans in rehabilitating the physical infrastructure and the stocking/breeding of 120, 000 fish and fingerlings (Tilapia, Clarias, Carp) and 1,500 small livestock (pigs, chickens, ducks and rabbits). In November 2002, the farm was cited by an African Development Bank Appraisal mission as the primary justification for offering Government a US$20 million ‘soft loan’ for a combined 15 year program for the restocking of all of Rwanda’s major lakes and waterways and retraining subsistence fish farmers in commercial practices.
-        Directed the development of a retail sales relationship with nascent small livestock cooperatives and the establishment of a highly successful retail outlet for all of Kigembe Fish farm products in Butare, Rwanda’s second largest city.

United Nations Work Experience

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

As Senior Fund Raising Officer (North America) 11 / 92 - 08 / 31 / 96:
-        Regularly represented the Chief, Fund Raising Service during his absences on missions and leave;
        maintained relations with donors through their Permanent Missions in Geneva and the UNHCR Branch Offices in Ottawa and Washington, D.C. ;
-        Prepared or supervised submissions to non-governmental donors, negotiated terms of US$270 million in annual contributions, monitored global funds utilization;
-        Undertook quarterly fund raising missions to Canada and the USA;
-        Prepared briefs for the High Commissioner and other senior UNHCR officials         undertaking missions to Canada and the USA.

While awaiting reassignment, as Senior Program Officer, UNHCR HQ, Geneva, 03 / 92 - 10 / 92:
- On mission as Head, UNHCR Office, Split, Croatia, 08/92 through 10/92, directed humanitarian relief


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operations in central/southern Bosnia and southwestern Croatia;
-        Undertook staffing evaluation missions to UNHCR Field Offices in India, Malaysia, Nepal, The Philippines, Singapore and Sri Lanka 03/92 through 07/92.

As Representative, UNHCR Branch Office, Mbabane, Swaziland, 08 / 90 - 03 / 92:
-        With implementing partners (World Food Program, Lutheran World Service), corrected long standing, serious anomalies in the Government's administration of care and maintenance programs in support of 30,000 Mozambican and South African refugees;
-        Monitored and advised Government as well as national and international NGO's in the implementation of UNHCR's protection and assistance programs in Swaziland;
-        Managed the preparation and submission revision of a 1991 annual budget that increased refugee resource support from $600,000 to $1.3 million;
-        supervised a staff of 14 persons.

As Senior Program Officer, UNHCR HQ, Geneva, 08 / 89 - 07 / 90:
- Drafted High Commissioner's report to the Executive Committee concerning the status of women within UNHCR.
As Head, UNHCR Office, Arua, West Nile, Uganda, 08 / 87 - 05 / 89
- Administered final phase of $7 million program wherein 120,000 of a total 320,000 Ugandan refugees were returned to home villages from refugee settlements in southern Sudan. Refugees were provided with basic agricultural tools, seeds, domestic utensils and six months of food assistance;
  - Coordinated the activities of UNHCR's implementing partners (Lutheran World Federation, Medecins Sans Frontieres/France, German Emergency Doctors) with those of Regional and District Works, Health and Social services officials;
   - Supervised a staff of 90 persons.

   While awaiting field posting., as Program Officer, UNHCR HQ, Geneva 01 / 87 - 08 / 87:
-        Conducted background investigations and reported to various donors with regard to the use of donated resources within UNHCR programs in Sudan and Somalia.

As Head, UNHCR Office, Lubumbashi, Zaire, 08 / 85 - 12 / 86:
-        Provided protection for and assistance to 31, 000 Angolan refugees being settled in the Shaba region of eastern Zaire;
-        Administered $2.5 million 1985-86 program budget;
-        Directed the design of $4.5 million 1986-87 local settlement program;
-        Monitored and coordinated program related activities of UNHCR's implementing partners (World University Service Canada, and Medecins Sans Frontiere/Belgique);
-        Provided regular, comprehensive, progress reporting to UNHCR HQ with regard to refugee related health, agricultural cooperative and community development program activities;
-        Supervised a 10 person staff.

As Area Desk Officer for Ethiopia, UNHCR HQ, Geneva, 04 / 82 - 07 / 85:
-        Designed Special Program of Assistance to Ethiopian Returnees with first year budget of $20 million;
-        Undertook numerous, long term evaluation and programming missions to Addis Ababa as well as the Hararghe and Eritrea regions;
- Assisted the UNHCR Regional Office in development of $4 million assistance program in support of 45,000 Ethiopian Refugees returning from Djibouti;
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-        Directed and coordinated all program support (transfers of funds, international procurement, personnel administration) provided by UNHCR HQ;
-        Acted as liaison between UNHCR and the Geneva and Ottawa headquarters of its implementing partners (League of Red Cross Societies, Lutheran World Federation, World University Service Canada).

As Chief of Mission, UNHCR, Maiduguri, Nigeria, 07 / 81 - 03 / 82:
- Provided protection, designed and implemented registration, assistance, information and voluntary repatriation programs for 13,000 in camp and an estimated 50,000 out of camp Tchadian refugees;
-        Advised the Nigerian Government with regard to the proper utilization of a $1 million Emergency Assistance Grant;
-        Provided comprehensive program reporting to Government and UNHCR HQ;
-        supervised a staff of 4 persons.

As Second Officer to the Chief of Mission, UNHCR Liaison Office, Washington, D. C., 01/80 - 07/81:
-        Provided analysis of relevant initiatives originated by the United States Congress and Department of State;
-         Advised and assisted in the development and maintenance of communication channels between the UNHCR office and refugee related organizations operating in the public and private sectors in the United States;
-         Conducted evaluations and analyses of ongoing Voluntary Agency and United Nations refugee programs in Africa and Asia;
-        Disseminated or managed the dissemination of information concerning UNHCR activities in response to numerous and regular inquiries from:
     -        Department of State's Offices of Refugee Affairs, Consular Affairs, Foreign Disaster Assistance, Humanitarian Affairs, Somalia Task Force and the Agency for International Development;
-        United States Senate's and House of Representatives' refugees related Committees and Sub-Committees as well as those staff handling constituent requests for refugee program assistance and information;
   - Organized and directed the monthly mailing of the UNHCR Refugee Update, Bulletins, etc. to 200 public and private sector organizations throughout the United States;
Provided day-to-day planning and operational to the Chief of Mission in the organization and conduct of:
        - Two symposia concerning Indochinese refugees:
        - Major briefings on Pakistan and Somalia for Voluntary Agencies and International Organizations;
             - Information exchange meetings with the Congressional Black Caucus and senior staff of the House Appropriations, Committee, SubCommittee on Africa;
- Represented UNHCR at numerous senior level meetings with U.S. Department of State and various Congressional staff groups;
- Compiled, edited and otherwise prepared or managed the preparation and distribution of program information packets designed to increase Americans' awareness of and involvement with refugee assistance activities.
   (As Bicycle Messenger, for Central Delivery Service, Washington, D.C., 05/79 – 12/79:
- Delivered documents, letters and small parcels throughout the D.C. metropolitan area.)

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As Director for Programs Development, Student National Medical Association(SNMA), 07/78 - 04/79:
        - Advised the Executive Administrators on Management, policy and program issues;
        - Directed staff development of grant and contract proposals for research, evaluation, survey and demonstration projects in Health Care Financing, Health Awareness, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, adolescent Pregnancy, Health Careers, Recruitment and Retention of minority Medical Students;
        - Supervised a staff of nine persons.

As Project Advisor to the USAID funded Lesotho Food and Nutrition Project, Lesotho, Southern Africa, 09/76 - 03/78:
        - Provided managerial/financial advice and assistance to Government in the establishment and operation of a National Nutrition Council and a Food and Nutrition Coordinating Office within the country's existing civil service structure.
        - Managed the expenditure of and accounting for project funds.
        - Supervised the day-to-day activities of 7-10 national and 1-5 expatriate staff.

As Freelance Consultant and Technical Writer, 11/74 - 10/76:
        - Wrote proposals for         technical assistance to and evaluation of Migrant Health Care programs in
                Arizona and California;
        - Conducted a national review and evaluation of standards and quality assurance mechanisms
                for programs and services to persons with developmental disabilities;
        - Researched and wrote, "The Medi -Cal Lifesaver", a comprehensive, primary health care cost
                        recovery manual for use by Community Health Care Centers throughout California;
        - Developed a report detailing the contributions made and problems faced by California's
                Community Health Workers for presentation to State Legislators and health officials;
        - Organized and conducted Project Design Workshops in:
                - Family planning for the Government of India;
                - Legal aid for Legal Aid Societies in California and Hawaii.

(Resigned from the USA civil service in protest of President Gerald Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon.)

United States Civil Service

As Director, Office for Black American Affairs, DHEW, 12/73 - 11/74
        - Developed and managed the implementation of a 12 month action plan supported by a $230,000
                first year budget;
           - Utilized personal interviews, questionnaires, workshops and conferences to identify and advocate         for the specific health, education and social services concerns of African American communities;
     - Selected and reviewed DHEW related legislation to develop position papers for Secretarial consideration;
- Designed and implemented a policy research and analysis intern program for second year graduate students;
           - Established and maintained contact with 200 African American organizations and the
                Congressional Black Caucus;
        - Supervised a staff of 10 persons.

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        As Director, Secretarial Task Force on Upward Mobility, DHEW, 06/73 - 12/73:
-        Reviewed and conducted qualitative evaluations of all training procedures and personnel
policies and practices within the Department at national and regional levels;
-        Directed the development of an action plan that resulted in the implementation of a Department
        wide Upward Mobility Program supported by an initial two year budget of $27 million;

-        Supervised a staff of 8 persons.

Graduate Study in Public Administration at John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard
University, 06 / 71 - 08 / 72.

As Senior Program Analyst/Project Director, DHEW, 10 / 69 - 06 / 73:
-        Conceptualized and coordinated the design and implementation of a $1 million nationwide,
        consumer based evaluation effort designed to assess the local impact of 15 health, education and
        social services programs;
-        Conducted a competitive bid/contract award process involving 45 consultant management firms;
-        Monitored, and where necessary, directed contractor on recruitment, selection and training of
        170 Field Evaluators (community residents, graduate and undergraduate students);
-        Conducted continuing project evaluations and made periodic progress reports to the Secretary
        and his senior staff;
- Performed personnel management functions to include selection, training, supervision,         performance ratings for a 30 person staff

United States Foreign/Domestic Service

As Program/Field Evaluation Officer, USAID/Vietnam, 08 / 68 - 08 / 69:
-        Conducted comprehensive evaluations of three major USA assistance programs (Refugees, Civic Action, Province/District Direct Financial Aid) representing annual expenditures in excess of US$200 million.

As District Senior Adviser/Area Development Officer, USAID/Vietnam, 07 / 67 - 07 / 68:
- Administered US$15 million civil/military logistical support and construction effort in an area comparable to a USA county with a resident population of between 75,000 and 100,000 people;
-         Advised the District Chief on ways and means of improving the administration and management of district affairs;
-        Supervised the activities of between 3 and 14 Area Development Specialists and a detachment of 12 Seabees in a variety of agricultural, social services, self help and construction activities.

As Neighborhood Worker/Organizer, Charleston, W.Va. 12 / 64 - 12 / 66:
-        Organized and acted as advisor to the, "Triangle Improvement Council", a community base organization serving approximately 10,000 low income people;
-        Assisted in the design and successful presentation of a proposal to the Federal Government that established a multi-service community center with a first year budget of US$87,000;
-        Trained neighborhood residents in:
                - Planning and implementation of community service programs;
                - Effective lobbying of municipal, state and federal officials;
-        Networking with other community groups.
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