KEYWORDS: History, Hanse, Polders,
Yssel Meer, Lake Flevo,
Delta Plan, Storm Surge Barriers,
Water Management

- The 1953 Flood and other major floods in the Netherlands
- 17th Century Holland -- The United Provinces in the 1600's
- The Hanseatic League -- Hanse History - by Prof. Rainer Postel
- Hanse Member Cities

- Polder in German -- in French -- in Italian -- Polder-Canal System -- Polder sports
- Zuiderzee en Ysselmeer polders Calvin College, windpower
- Harbors of the Ysselmeer in German
- Euwareness Case Study: Ysselmeer- by Dave Huitema (in English)

- Delta Plan -- Delta Plan in German -- Deltawerken in Dutch
- Library of photographs of Delta Plan by Thinkquest -- 1953Delta2003
- Storm Surge Barrier New Water Way
by Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management
- Photogallery of Storm Surge Barrier - including *.avi movies
- Storm Surge Barrier -- Maesland Storm Surge Barrier -- Oosterschelde AP's

- Rijkswaterstaat -- Euwareness - European Water Systems -- ESCAPE
- Waterland Net - all kinds of water-related info, incl. tsunami! and Alkyon Model
- New Waste Water Rules - Neth.Min.of Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment

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