Ben Oostdam story # 336



During this last month of 2007, I spent several days
"mining" the report I prepared in 1982 when I was
working for the United Nations Development
Programme (sic) (UNDP) as a marine geologist and
coastal engineer attached to the Institute of Marine
Affairs (IMA) in Chaguaramas, Trinidad.

At 325 pages, this is too much for one story, so I selected
the "juicier" parts and summarized them on three pages of
thumbnails, each of which can be clicked to enlarge the image.
I wished we had had the World Wide Web and better
computer technology available in July, 1982 ...

  • Selected Photographs - (25)

  • Selected Figures and Tables - (16)

  • Selected Pages and Letters

    This was one of the several projects and programs which
    we inititated between 1980 and 1982.
    Others dealt with tar pollution of beaches in Trinidad and Tobago,
    bathymetric and hydrographic surveys of T and T bays,
    and monthly profiling and sampling of most beaches.

    The fieldwork and cruises not only comprised training of IMA staff
    but also involved cooperation with other Government Agencies,
    including the Ministry of Works, T and T Coastguard, Fisheries,
    Point Lisas Authority and the University of the West Indies.
    Because of the distance to Columbus Bay, we rented a local house
    to accommodated teams of upto a dozen people at a time.

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