Ben Oostdam story # 12


Two related stories:

In addition to using Dana's textbook on Mineralogy, I also used the Dutch text by Escher, the father of the more famous graphical illustrator. "Miller's Indices" never appealed to me as much as the beauty of the minerals. The graduate lab assistant, a Dutch student named Cornelis Klein, was a great help and went on to "take over" as main author of Dana's textbook.

One evening, Dr. Reid, the warden of Douglas Hall, called me at the front table to introduce me to his Dutch guest. I understood he said the man was a 'geologist', and commented on the fact that the Universities in Holland used some of the same geology texts as we did. He looked rather surprised and even scared, asking me to name some examples. I mentioned "DANA" and saw him get pale and heard him admit he had never heard that name. Perhaps he thought he was not up-to-date any more? The embarrassing moment resolved when Dr. Reid said that his distinguished guest was a theologist, not a geologist....who knows, was I getting hard of hearing? (G.. rather than Th..)

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