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1957 - 1960

My 1958 Spring semester was a bit busier because I took Surveying as an extra course, and as a prerequisite for the Summer Surveying FieldCourse. Also during this semester I met Cyrus Eaton*, then a peace activist, and the uncle of three Italian brothers in our Residence Hall: Paoblo, Luigi and Giovanni Brenciaglia. My report card was ok and I was awarded a Graham Scholarship for the next academic year in Honours Geological Sciences.
In May, I took the Surveying Fieldcourse in St.Gabriel de Brandon, a challenging experience punctuated by tipping over my ink-bottle on my design of a race course in the middle of the night before it was due.
At that time, I was very much into my beloved Minox camera, and some of my fieldcourse pictures are shown here.

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