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1957 - 1960

The academic atmosphere at McGill was refreshingly different from the hectic continuous work which had characterized my 5 years with the Bank. With lots of free time, I enjoyed the library and the numerous cultural events available. One of the first and most memorable was a fast paced performance of The Black Watch, as part of the Edinborough Festival, on September 24, 1957.
I visited the Mercantile Bank of Canada, recently established by the Nationale Handelsbank, where I met my former colleague from Bangkok, the Portuguese Mr Foyn, and his wife. It was good to see this banking wizzard get a chance to compete now removed from the ethnic discrimination which the Portuguese bank clerks experienced in Asia.

Philip Jones
I met numerous foreign students, mainly British and Commonwealth, and joined the McGill Outing Club. I also found some new type of "work": baby-sitting, for which I received the majestic sum of 2 quarters an hour.
McGill Outing Club - Shawbridge, Quebec
Mike Beique, Mike Addinall, Dave Williams

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