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1957 - 1960

The last day of our visit to St.Pierre was sad: we took the girls to their ferry and kissed goodbye (?) then went to the airport where I borrowed $ 30 from a nice American couple against my personal check - which they never cashed - [Thanks, I'd be happy to pay it back with interest now] and flew to Sydney, N.S.

Searching to-day's websites, I am surprised: see below for explanation.
read the gruesome story of the Acadians (French) attacked repeatedly by the British, after which treaties were made in Holland:

1667: Treaty of Breda
(1674: The Dutch Take Acadia)
1697: Treaty of Rijswijk
1713: Treaty of Utrecht

1763 Treaty of Paris
History of Acadians by Robert E. Chenard
Franco-American Connection
Basque Refugees - Miquelon: Detcheverry Family Beta translation
Collection of postcards from Saint Pierre and Miquelon
1000 photos and panoramas of St. Pierre and Miquelon by C.& L. Marciniak
Virtual visit to St.Pierre by M. Cormier

Photo Album, Saint Pierre, 1995
colorful houses by Berenice Cormier
St.Pierre & Miquelon photographs
by Magali Morisson

click to enlarge
Free French Invasion:
The St.Pierre and Miquelon Affaire of 1941

review of book by Douglas G. Anglin

St.Pierre & Miquelon:
Historical PostageStamps

"The African connection" of SPM in stamps and banknotes by David Allen

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