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1957 - 1960

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. On the boat journey to St.Pierre - past seacaves , across rough waters and through rainsqualls - everyone got cold except I, in my 2 weeks day-and-night green attire. I spoke with everyone except the two nurses, of which the pretty one was soon accosted by a slick guy. When everyone else took refuge below, I spoke with the other nurse, which later on proved a good strategy. (NOTE: Cynthia marries Charles on Sept.12, just a few weeks, so who am I to discuss strategy?)
I decided to forego my tent and joined them searching by $ 2 taxi for a hotel: the first one, Hotel Central, was full, the next, Ile de France, still had some vacancies for $ 8 pppd including 3 meals and wine. Right after the welcome drinks we went shopping, and I helped with French and currency (US$!=250 francs), while pretty Kathy found me a new set of trousers and switched over to me...We got along fantastically, especially after dinner and wine when we spent the rest of the night in a Basque dancing hall enjoying the Basque and Spanish dances. I also drank Dutch beer and was ogled by many lonely St Pierre ladies...

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