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1957 - 1960


The next morning, August 7, he got up swearing, lit a cigarette and drank a beer, then drove me to Bishop Falls. I took a side trip to Gander Airport with a hydro-man who wore the same type socks and gymshoes as I did. Gander looked dull and relatively new. [while writing this in 2002 with the help of the WWW, I copied several photographs and found out that some 38 planes had been diverted to Gander for several days in the early aftermath of September 11, 2001)
Next I had a long ride with a nervous gentleman and his family, which was continuously threatened and admonished to behave or forego the next scheduled ice-cream stop. Enjoyed the roadbuilding machinery and got off at the turnoff to St John. Walked southward quite a while, then hitched a ride with 2 men and 2 young girls. Got some beers and noticed that the fog made things more romantic. However, after they dropped me off, I stayed on the road a long time without luck and finally pitched my tent in Garnish Bay.

these photos taken by others.

Gander on Sep.11, 2001,
38 planes diverted!


left to right:
Fjord, Grand Falls, Fortune

The next morning, August 8, I had a long walk and several rainshowers. A soccer team from St John took me to Grand Beach, then an icecream vendor who also fought in WW2 (when the Canadians liberated Holland, and I collected dozens of their signatures) took me the rest of the way to the ferry terminal of Fortune where I arrived a half an hour before the13:00 departure to St Pierre. Thus I managed more than 600 miles of Newfoundland hitchhiking in less than 48 hours! Walking around in the village I got disciples, met an American painter and his sweetheart and booked for the boat ride on the "Spencer 2", which - incidentally - had two nurses aboard among the passengers.

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