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1957 - 1960


I disembarked from the ferry at Port Aux Basques in a rainstorm at 09:00 on August 6. Raw rocks full of folds, a bay with fishing boats, and a long wait. Then a 159 mile ride to Corner Brook with 4 drinking vacation guys. Picked up a rock with galena ore and in a series of rides got a good idea of this prehistoric island of clouds, rocks, bays and poor roads.

One ride with a shaft driller to Deer Lake, where he dropped me off and picked me up sometime later to take me to Grand Falls. There I was picked up by some drunken partygoers, who took me outside Grand Falls, where we enjoyed snacks, guitar and harmonica . I was told to spend the night at the house of one of the roughnecks who lived nearby with two pregnant sisters and would take me to Bishop's Falls the next morning.
airport 1959
S. Newfoundland
S. Newfoundland crag

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