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1957 - 1960


Had an enjoyable cruise from Cape Tormento, NB to Port Borden, PEI, also thanks to the attractive information girls. Put up our tent in a field and thanked the friendly farmer the next morning (Aug.4, birthday of my grandfather, 1880). A lovely island, which we crossed to the north to have lunch in the fishing village of Rustico, where I wrote a letter to my parents and mailed it.
A mere 5 minutes after that, we had our accident: the rear wheel came off and Nick tumbled of the duo seat. We both had some scratches, but fortunately our speed had been below 40 mph.

Dobson Creek, Rt 6

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North Rustico, PEI

We got a ride with a nice farmer to Hunter River, where a very helpful stationmaster fixed us up with a ride to Moncton with a truck, leaving early the next morning (Aug.5). For a measly 50 cents each we dined, then slept in the truck under a cover.

P.S. PEI is also the home of
Loran Fevens of "The Music Box" of our local WITF Lancaster/Harrisburg station, as well as the home of his predecessor, Father Osborg