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1957 - 1960

At the end of May, 1959, I traveled to Bathurst, New Brunswick to report for my summer job as field assistant in a geochemical survey for base metals (Cu, Pb, Zn) for Consolidated Zinc Pty Ltd. I got a temporary driver's licence to drive the company's Landrovers, because most of the job was in the bush. When not in the field, we stayed in a large house on a bay opposite the Company's offfice in town.
The work consisted of using a Brunton compass and pacing to make traverses and stop every 100 foot to take a soil horizon B sample. Early in the morning, we 'd set out energetically with airphotos, maps and a lunch in a light backpack, which would get heavier every time we added another paper bag with soil, reaching a climax of weight and fatigue by 5 p.m., at which time we usually reached one of our campsites, preferably old deserted log cabins, otherwise our tents. At the end of the week we would return to town and lay out our soil bags to dry in the sun. The boss was an Australian, Dr. John Moss, who insisted that we eat steak everyday and write clearly and legibly using a rapidograph. We had two field teams, competing with each other and playing such practical jokes as replacing the other team's Nescafe with dried soil of the same color and consistency...
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