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1957 - 1960

Strange how the subconscious goes on: merely 10 hours after stating that I did not have too many memories of winter 1958/9, I now recall that my roommate Ken Davis, a biochemistry major, invited me for all or part of Christmas to his home in Toronto.

We had dinner -maybe even Christmas dinner? - at the prestigious Granite Club which I, as a geologist, did not take for granted ;o]

Our erstwhile Fall dates, the nieces O. - whose distinguished ancestor had been among the first members of the Granite Club - had reverted to their local boyfriends, and Ken's sister, though very charming, was too young and looked too much like him. I had at that time a keen curiosity about Toronto girls, undoubtedly inspired by the following mineralogy mnemonic

Rank: Moh's Hardness Scale: Mnemonic:
1 talcum TORONTO
2 gypsum GIRLS
3 calcite CAN
4 fluorite FLIRT
5 apatite AND
6 orthoclase OTHER
7 quartz QUEER
if you prefer
8 topaz THINGS
9 carborundum CAN
10 diamonds DO
(an analogous mnemonic: "Tucson girls can flirt and only quit to chase dwarves")
Notwithstanding the curiosity, and malgré the attractiveness of my "blind date" Marilyn, I decide to depart and hitchhike on to Indiana University in Bloomington to visit our former Bangkok friend Roberta Fox. I think I already reported on that, erroneously, under Christmas 1957. BLO fecit
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