Ben Oostdam
story # 612

WOW !!!

that is cheap !!


under the motto:
"The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom" (Ps.111 : 10a)
in Amstelveen
Secretary: J.M.v.d.Zwaart,Thorbeckeweg 6, Amstelveen, tel 3259

Amstelveen, July 21, 1948
To Mr. B.L. Oostdam, Mr. Rendorplaan 16, AMSTELVEEN

Dear Sir:
I herewith communicate to you on behalf of the Directors
that it have decided to award you an annual honorarium
for the Final Diploma of the Reformed Normal School in Amsterdam
which you have in your possession.
The amount will be f 1.50 per year.
I herewith am sending you the Final Diploma,
we hope that one thing and another has been determined
to your satisfaction and I sign in the name of the Directors.
Sincerely --- Secretary
NOTE: The amount of one guilder and fifty cents
in (then) Dutch currency amounted to less than two US quarters p.a. ....
small wonder my wife just now said my DAD should have told them to stick it ....
but then again, she was not in a truly Christian mood tonight...

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