Ben Oostdam's Autobiography



I stayed home and in bed a couple of days and had numerous visitors, family , friends from Elementary and Grammar School, Naval Academy and Nationale Handelsbank.

Jan van As Jr.
Piet van Benthum

Aunt Marie Holtz
Jan Hempenius (best man at Carla's wedding)

Lony, my former fiancee, and I also went on a short tour of Holland and Friesland , the old town of Kampen and the former fisher island of Urk.
After this trip, we decided to break up again as good friends, because with the new start of my academic career we would not be able to get married and have a family.
I have often wondered if this was the right decision, but the next time we met was more than 20 years later, in Thailand where she lived happily with her Frisian husband and three boys.

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