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1965 Feb 7 - 10 Feb 7-Melkboschstrant, Louws, Goodwood, Doll House; Feb 8 Staff Mtg, recommend to explore nearshore TIDAL
Feb 9-Eval ADK; Dept Heads Mtg incl. Captain Cook and Jerry Welsh; Feb 10-Dave and I wrote to Chm De Beer's Harry Oppenheimer
1965 Feb 11 Feb 11-flew to Luderitz drove to Saddle Hill met ShoreParty Erlanger c.s. beer with CDM Mgr van Heerden
also see Tidal Tour
1965 Feb 12 -13 Feb 12-by Helicopter with Knud to Beacon David where I ran transit to Klipbok, next to Luderitz and Meob - VOC coins clams beer
also see Tidal Tour; Feb 13-flew south of Luderitz, next Sylvia Hill, fog, Colpontoon story
1965 Feb 14 -18 Feb 14-helicoptered to Luderitz then Klipbok and back, Diaz Point, Rockeater discontent;
Feb 15-rowed out to Rockeater, neaxt Luderitz for call to Stocken and flight to Capetown, dinner, drinks, movies
Feb 16-long post-sailing conference; ADK evaluation problems Davies; Feb 17- completed Tidal Tour report and discussed ADK
Feb 18-more ADK and dept of Dave for Joburg again
1965 Feb 19 - 23 Feb 19-ADK report work all day, movies full; Feb 20-ADK report rip-apart; Missed Des O'Sheas wedding
p.s. called him 20110715 now has email; Feb 21-M refused US habit of working weekends: snorkeling at The Strand and City Hall concert
Feb 22/3-completed ADK report nightmare; Washington letter incl.Klipbok and Lizard picts and charts; precruise mtg Rockeater
1965 Feb 24 - 28 Feb 24-Ernie Miller Tidwewater; Captain of Hydrographic Service; Wyn and Erik lunch, Mrs Williams' Diamond tale
Feb 25-reprints, filing, eve Dave and phone call to Mardesich re sample spacing.Feb 26-Dave re ADK and patch one; van Zijl to Captain Cook
Feb 27-Roy Joint disembarks Rockeater; errate for MDC report, proceed on TIDAL's; Colpontoon and later Vikings movies
Feb 28-Vishoek, too windy for my Sailfish
1965 March 1 - 4 March 1-Washingto letter and programmes; cannot reach Rockeater, so 22nd floor Sanlam drinks and Cafe Royal
March 2-Erlanger re Hydrofix, Dave re ADK and Tidal ;
March 3-studied Namib sand samples; lunch with colored Geo staff
March 4-Angry Jack and Erik debriefing re Rockeater Sampling and CDM beach project; Erik and I off to Joburg
1965 March 5 March 5-Prep talks in Joburg with Dave, the big meeting at 11:00 with Anglo and OSESA; delay beach exploration; flew back to CT 104
1965 March 6 and 7 March 6-Quarrels re ADK report; eve Atlantic Underwater Club; Mar 7- Doll's House 105
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