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1964 Nov.18-30 post VEMA blahs, arrival Kleinjans, Rockeater lost anchor 86
1964 Dec.1-20 arrival Gans, Soepie; to Llandadno 87
1964 Dec.21-27
strange Christmas atmosphere: parties and work; Aunt Dimples 88
1964 Dec.28-31
camping preparations; "Garden Route", camping at Knysna 89
1965 Jan.1 - 3 Jan 1-Keurboomsriver and Nature's valley; Jan 2-broke camp drove back to Capetown;
Jan 3-took Louws to the Strand
1965 Jan.4 - 10 Jan 4-Gans re factors; bought Colliers Encyclopedia; Jan 5- Bascom in, Harvey out
Jan 6-Fuller re factor; bought Singer sewing machine; Jan 7-Aunt Dimples departs for Joburg
Jan 8-Bascom re Evaluations, Cafe Royal; Jan 9-Greek restaurant again; Jan 10-report, lunch at Koppie
1965 Jan.11 - 20 Jan 11-read Colliers; Jan 12-Basconm and Smith to Joburg; I did eval all day;
Jan 13-Dave called I am needed in Joburg; Jan 14-to Joburg standby Dr Sichel (neg binomial) and daughters
Jan 15-flew back to Capetown; Jan 16-20 worked on evaluation report
1965 Jan.21 - 24 Jan 21-flew to Joburg, mtgs with Drs Waters and Murray, Messrs Owen Siddle and Daniel; dinner w/Dr Fuller;
Jan 22-all day meeting, then flew back to Capetown; Jan 23- relax, Gans re geology hierarchy within OSE
Jan 24-Kleinjan only geologist working overtime others to Muizenberg beach with Soepie c.s
1965 Jan.25 - 29 Jan 25-Kleinjan and I re 'factors'; visited Socrates MDC; "Goldfinger";
Jan 26-visited Wrights at Tamboerskloof to move in April ; Jan 27-Mining factor 2.0-3.1, fired vdVloot, Brunded back to Wash.
Jan 28-completed factor report, delayed flight to JoBurg to tomorrow but can take Mercia and Angela !
Jan 29-to Joburg, mtgs, picked mining factor=2, stayed overnight
1965 Jan.30-Feb3 Jan 30-Joburg to Capetown flying over Kimberley Hole; Jan 31- quiet day reading and to hot Gordon Bay:
Feb 1-Rockeater in Luderitz, Mardesich forgot cruise programme ...twx George via MDC; Feb 2-Wyn, Feb 3-Erik + La Perouse Flow date
1965 Feb 4 - 6 Feb 4-Smith anticipates 3 mos extension Anglo contract. Rockeater recovers 2 diamonds from Tidal Concession
Feb 5-Geo staff meeting; Feb 6-Family Day: piripiri with Wyn and Angie, Table Mountain, Haw.slideshow, letter Rose destroyed
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