Mom is back again !

20060919Russ 056.JPG 20060919Russ 057.JPG 20060919Russ 059.JPG
After an absence of
three weeks,
Erika Oostdam is
back in circulation
20060919Russ 060a.jpg
though officially embedded
at Russ's quarters in town
whither OPA took the 3SK
on September 19, 2006
20060919Russ 003Lexalonghair.jpg 20060919Russ 004hidingParker.jpg 20060919Russ 008a.jpg 20060919Russ 017.JPG
it was a joyful event
enhanced by pizza and
coffee, apples and demos
20060919Russ 019.JPG
While Paul was insepar
able from his magic box

20060919Russ 020.JPG
Lexa and Parker played
hide and seek with Rusty
providing sanctuaries
20060919Russ 026.JPG 20060919Russ 029.JPG
20060919Russ 032.JPG
this was also our first
get-together after Erika's
20060919Russ 03.JPG
garage apartment burned
down two weeks ago
20060919Russ 066.JPG 20060919Russ 071.JPG

BLO fecit 20060920 - 3SK