20080120a_Mercia_at_Dulles_AirportCIMG1299.jpg 20080120b_Mercia_at_Dulles_Airport_blackladyhelped.jpg
Mercia at Dulles Airport,
Washington on Jan.20, 2008
before and after stowing
away her winter coat
aided by lady in the back
Harry and Barbara had driven
us from Conestoga to Dulles
but in their hurry they had
forgotten to take along M's coat


We are now waiting to take
off on the 8,130 miles flight
to Johannesburg, S.A.
It is now Jan.21 p.m.
After some fifteen hours
in the cold air and gaining
several hours in time
we are in Joburg Airport
waiting for our connection
to Capetown.
20080121c_MMO_onSA365JBGtoCPT.jpg 20080121d_from_SA365JBG.jpg

We had to wait quite a while
and had ample opportunity
to look outside or to read.
20080121e_on_SA365.jpg 20080121g_from_SA365_at_JBG.jpg

By now it is after 18:00
and we even get some rain!

But finally we do take off
and view some cute videos
with safety instructions.

Equally important, the air hostess
serves drinks and a fine dinner!
Happy reunion after
10 years between Mercia
and her youngest brother
Chris Louw !
20080121n_Mercia_welcomed_by_Chris_In_Capetown.jpg 20080121p_Mercia_Chris_Jackie_at_Capetown_Airport.jpg
And here are Mercia and
her two youngest brothers
Chris and Jack Louw!

By special arrangement
we will introduce their
older brother Gus later!

SA 2008

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Mercia and Ben fly from
the USA to South Africa
on Jan 20/1, 2008

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