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Scholarship and
Walter Sisulu
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February 9, 2008

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SA Journey
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We reached Umthatha (Umtata, Mthatha) at noon after a pleasant drive from Port St Johns. The town was now not as busy, and I had no trouble picking up my photo-CD and cashing R 3K from the ATM ("cash machine") while Harry filled the tank with R 255 "petrol" and the ladies bought some pies for lunch - after which we dropped by and paid a token amount at Barbara's Guesthouse.
I also took a better (than last time) shot of the Walter Sisulu University. At 14:00 we reached R 349, the road to Coffee Bay on the Indian Ocean where we get just before 16:00 at the end of the paved but potholed road. From hereon, the road along the coast is a dirt track, with a frightening (to some of us) steep slope just before our final destination of the day, the "nomen est omen"-esque "Hole in the Wall" !! (17:00)
Although we had already heard that they were not allowed to serve lobster, we did order some seafood baskets for dinner, served by a sweet waitress, Cindy. Again, I noted my unscientific disappointment that the sun here does not set at the sea-horizon, even though we are in the southern hemisphere; so I had to sleep a whole night before the sun reached the horizon and made an end to two days of overcast skies! More about that later.