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page 40, February 14
GRAAFF REINET (by Barbara)
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With a single exception, the above shots were taken by Barbara. She and Mercia were particularly excited about the 18 ft high ceilings in this house full of interesting antiques. I myself enjoyed the spacious bathroom next to the Church (on the above thumbnails!) till I suddenly heard some Dutch spoken. I got up, washed my hands and shook them with three brothers of a total of eight children who had arrived in SA in 1955 with their father, Arend van de Wetering, and mother - and now counted 126... running a very successful business!! We had a lovely luncheon in the Coldstream Restaurant next to the historic Graaff-Reinet Club, then skipped the 220 national monuments as well as the Valley of Desolation which Mercia and I had visited 10 years ago, at which time we also almost bought a house here in town ... but did tank up for R 260 on our way via Aberdeen to our next destination, the Karroo National Park!