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Shortly after noon on Feb.11, we drove north some 27 km along N2, where we turned left to the busy
little town of Tsolo. This was the "Maloti Drive" through the foothills of the Drakensberge.
After MacClear we stopped at the UGI in Elliott to tank and shop. When we asked for the bathroom,
we were guided through the wharehouse in the back which was rather full and messy but provided the required relief.

Further adventures included a spectacular pass and minor traffic accident, a stop/inspection by a local police
who warned the ladies in the back to use seatbelts, another toilet visit by those ladies, viewing "badlands"
erosion canyons and arriving in Dordrecht, namesake of historic first city of Dordrecht in Holland, at the 17:00 start of a torrential rain!
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