20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0824wiresJPG.jpg 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0826.jpg 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0827a.jpg 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0828.jpg 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0830.jpg
20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0833.jpg 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0834.jpg 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0835ostriches.JPG 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0836.JPG 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0837.JPG
20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0839.JPG 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0840.jpg 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0841.JPG 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0842.JPG 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0843.JPG
20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0844.JPG 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0845.JPG 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0846.jpg 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0847.JPG 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0850williewallie.JPG
20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0850williewallie2.JPG 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0851LadismithElandStr7BandB.JPG

(left):whirlwind or
dust devil

Elandstraat 7
Bed and Breakfast
Marthy and Frederick
Saaiman, owners
20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0853Ladismithtree4.JPG 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0855Eland7.JPG
Satellite Maps

SA 20081217

to LADISMITH - Part 2

Contents of
SA 2008-2 Journey
BLO fecit
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At 13:30, I stopped in ostrich-boom-bust famed Oudtshoorn at KFC, where the service was very slow even though the lady's name was Mercia ...it was a very hot day, and instead of finally visiting the Cango caves, I decided to withdraw R3K from ABSA instead. At 14:45, I filled up the petroltank with 32.08 liters for R 230 in Calitzdorp and joked with the attendant that Willem de Zwijger might have attended the old church which was chiming right then... On the last leg for the day, I took picts of one other imposing mountain range and a small whirlwind. Although I had hoped to make it to Montague, and even drove out of Ladismith further onto R62, I dropped by a sign of a guesthouse annex farm market, where a pretty girl talked me into going back to their B and B in town...when I got there, an unfriendly message referred me back to the farm market, and I had to borrow a cell phone to be told that there was no single space available. So I drove around and found an elegant house where the owner, Fred, had been an ostrich farmer but now lived here and collected paintings (100 in the living room, q.v.) while his charming wife Martha ran the B and B business.